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About Luxe

Welcome to Luxe The Salon Suites – Where Beauty and Business Flourish Together
At Luxe The Salon, we've always believed in the fusion of endless creativity and impeccable customer service. This belief has been the cornerstone of our journey since our inception in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Specializing in a wide array of services including weaving techniques, hair coloring, natural styles, and protective styles, Luxe has been dedicated to unlocking the inner goddess in every client.
Over the years, our commitment to excellence has only grown stronger. Today, Luxe stands not just as an upscale hair salon but as a nurturing ground for beauty professionals. Under the visionary leadership of Alysha J, a proud Paul Mitchell alumnus, we've expanded our horizon to empower beauty experts through Luxe the Academy. This initiative is designed to help beauty professionals thrive in their careers by providing private luxury spaces for business growth and skill enhancement.
Our Extended Offerings:
-Luxe the Collection Extensions & Custom Units: Continuing our tradition of distributing 100% raw virgin hair from South Indian temples, we offer customized wig units and on-the-go extensions, ensuring a long-lasting style that you'll adore.
- Professional Growth and Development: Alysha J's passion now extends to mentoring beauty professionals. Luxe the Academy is our commitment to fostering professional growth, providing a platform for learning and business development.
- A Home for Beauty Experts: We've evolved to include private luxury spaces where beauty professionals, whether hairstylists, aestheticians, nail or lash technicians, can flourish. These spaces are designed to inspire creativity and professionalism.
- A Continued Commitment to Our Clients: While we expand our focus to include the nurturing of professionals, our clients remain at the heart of Luxe. Ensuring that they are serviced by the most talented professionals is our unwavering commitment.
At Luxe, we ensure that every client and professional feels valued and empowered. Whether you're visiting for a personal beauty transformation or as a professional seeking to elevate your business, Luxe The Salon Suites is your destination for excellence. Come, experience beauty and professionalism interwoven in an environment that celebrates and uplifts everyone.